Aleh Kurashou

has a higher pedagogical education (Gomel State University named after Fransisk Skaryna, 1995-2000). Had study courses at Institute of problems of culture (Minsk). Participated the course for managers of culture "Centre of competence for managers of culture (Berlin, 2011), had practice at the city exhibition hall "Lotringer 13"(Munich, Germany, 2011). 

Since 2014 participates exhibitions as a painter.

Languages: English, Russian.

Specialization: modern and contemporary art.

Activities in culture:

  • Since 2002 ã. - works in Art gallery named after G. Vaschenko (2002 - 2010 - curator, 2010+ art-manager)
  • Participant of conference «The Art of Managing Culture» (Berlin, 2012).
  • Participant of conference «Contemporary art: specific of expression and function» (Minsk, 2013).




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