Here you can find the information about some Belarusian artists. You can contact them and make comments. The list of the artists will be increased soon.

Barys Ivanou
Barys Ivanou

Belarusian painter and graphic

1993 - graduated from Belarusian Academy of Arts;

Helen Shlegel
Helen Shlegel Belarusian painter.
Works mostly at figurative composition.
Ivan Semiletov
Ivan Semiletov Belarussian young artist was graduated from Academy of arts and joined the art life.
Pavel Tatarnikau
Pavel Tatarnikau Belarussian graphic and illustrator. Books with his illustrations were published atall continents.
Roman Sustov
Roman Sustov Belarussian graphic.

1995-2001 Belarusian State Academy of Arts. Graphic department.

2001-2005 Art workshops at the Ministry of Culture of Belarus.

Sergey Belaoki
Sergey Belaoki Belarussian artist Sergey Belaoki graduated fron Belarusian state art gallery. He works mostly in the field of stain glasses and installations.
Sergey Grinevich
Sergey Grinevich Belarusian artist Sergey Grinevich.
Siarhei Tsimokhau
Siarhei Tsimokhau

1984 – graduated from Belarusian State Academy of Arts. (Section of monumental painting).

Prize-winner of “The Second Mark Chagall art camp” (1997), Grand Prix winner of 8-th Biennial of Illustration “The Golden Pen of Belgrade” (2003).

Siarhei Tsimpkhau died at 2012.

Sviatlana Nozdrin-Plotnitskaya
Sviatlana Nozdrin-Plotnitskaya The member of the Belarusian Union of Artists and the Belarusian Union of Designers. In painting widely uses ethnic and Christian themes.
Sviatlana Katkova
Sviatlana Katkova

1967 - graduated from Belarusian State Institute of Art and Theatre.

Works in easel painting in genres of narrative paintings, landscape and still-life.

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