Antonina Falei

1982 - graduated from Vitebsk technological institute of consumer industry (now the Vitebsk state technological institute)
1982 - 1987 - fashion designer of Textile company  "Charovbitsa"
1987-1997 - senior lecturer of Art design department 
Since 1998 - member of Belarusian Union of Artists
Since 1998 - associate professor of Design department of Vitebsk state technological university

Creative interests - contemporary art.

Solo exhibitions and art-projects:
  • 1997 "Centre of the road", Vitebsk Art Museum
  • 1998 "Symmetry causes event" Vitebsk exhibition hall of Belarusian Union of Artists
  • 2003 "The formula ( 3x3 ) ( 3:3 ) = 3" Museum of Contemporary Art, Minsk
  • 2007 "Supporting points" Vitebsk Contemporary Art Centre 
  • 2008 "Parallels", Loccum, Germany
  • 2009 "Red blue line " Vitebsk Marc Chagall Museum
  • 2009 «Collaje assemblaje constructio» Minsk Museum of Modern Art 

  • 1-st International graphic biennale in Saint-Petersburg,
  • International watercolor symposium in Kaunas
  • V International Biennial ATR-BRIDGE- WATERCOLOR, 2009
  • International watercolor biennial «Water + color»,
  • First Minsk Triennial of Contemporary Art,
  • International watercolour symposium in Polotsk.
  • International exhibition of «ARTE INTERNAZIONALE» in Matera, Italy

The works are at:
  • «Lust auf Kunst» gallery Loccum, Germany
  • Museum of Contemporary Art in Minsk
  • Vitebsk Center for Contemporary Art,
  • Marc Chagall Museum in Vitebsk
  • Art Gallery of Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum

Works published in the catalogs: "The Third International Biennial of Graphic Art in St. Petersburg", "The Fourth International Biennial of Graphic Art in St. Petersburg", "Art of Belarus" , "Art space of Vitebsk region", "Union of creators", "Baltik bridges", "Water + color", "Art-bridge - watercolor 2009"," Water and Color", encyclopedia "Regions of Belarus", "ARTE INTERNAZIONALE".


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