Valentina Lyahovich

A few words about me.

There were a lot of events in my life: happy and sad, interesting and not. But the deepest impressions dragging my heart-strings - that special air of childhood, that sunlight streaming on the porch, the bliss seizing a small girl when she goes out after a sleep.

I was surprised with clews of colorful thread. I do not know how to explain this feeling - not admiration, not love, but any magical percolation of colors inside you. Don’t know why, but I remember colors: a woman with red headscarf walking along the street - the event - a red spot of headscarf moves on white snow. Later – visiting the theater. Theater scenery, light and music. And again, something was left in the soul, from time to time it comes back. Students of Art Department painted on the river bank near mu house. I treated them as extraordinary people - "artists." I couldn’t imagine that I would visit the same river but as the teacher of the students. Probably, the dream to be a painter appeared at that time.

At first – art study group at House of Pioneers, then art studio and an unforgettable teacher Dmitri Generalnitsky. For him to live meant to devote to the service of art. At that time there was no more respected person but Dmitri Generalnitsky. Then my point of view at art changed. But I hold my first teacher in memory for good.

What did I memorize from Institute, the department of graphic arts, where I came to work in 1964? Here, my passion for watercolor appeared and it is up to nowadays. It is “fault” of two teachers - Ivan Stolyarov and Felix Gumen. Stolyarov showed me classical watercolor, taught to treat nature strict, taught to learn technology. Gumen, on the contrary, taught to love experiments. For a long time I was between these poles and finally united them.

Of course, the artist isn’t formed in Institute finally. Later I called many things in question. There was a time when I put off the experiments and turned to naturalistic painting. But it could not answer my questions, and finally it turned into my enemy for many years. Struggling against naturalism I found help in ancient orthodox icons, in Matisse, Van Gogh, Gauguin.

The journeys with other artists also helped me greatly. The geography of traveling is vast: Belarus; Russian Baikal-Amur Mainline, Ural maintains, Krasnodar region; Germany; Spain etc...

... Foreign trips told me much. Communication with artists, visiting museums and exhibitions helped me to develop... But I would like to keep my personality, my nature that I have discovered for many years of searching and doubting.

Based on materials of the artist.


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