Vitaly Denisenko

Vitaly Denisenko was born in 1947 in Gomel (Belarus). He graduated from Minsk and Kaunas Art Colleges and worked at the Art Fund in Gomel. From 1980 he is a member of Belorussian Union of Artists.

He has regularly participated in municipal, republican, all-union and international exhibitions in Belarus, Russia, Ukrain, and other countries. In 1993 his personal exhibition was held at M’ARS gallery in Moscow and a year later at the Moscow IBM Office and in the town of Bad Windungen (Germany).

In 1994 – 1995 the artist took part in the exhibition “Russian Collection. The End of XX Century” in Moscow. In 1996 his canvases were exhibited at “Loke” gallery in Gram (Denmark).

The canvases by Vitaly Denisenko are in the collections of Modern Art Museum of M’ARS Gallery (Moscow), in R.Vurt Museum in Kunzelgan (Germany), as well as in museums of post-Soviet countries: regional Chernigov museum fine arts, Gomel art gallery by G. Vaschenko, Gomel Palace, in collection of Art Fund of Belarus and in the private collections of the USA, Germany, Denmark, Brasil, Turkey, Austria, Israel, etc.


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